Sunday, April 3, 2011

Sucker Punch

Sucker Punch, a rocking good time about girl power; if girl power involves mini-skirts and thigh high stockings.

Sucker Punch opens a little on the slow side.  Those first few minutes of background however help to set the mood and get you in the proper vibe.  But when Sucker Punch heats up it stays hot.

So, the story for those who don't know involves a poor lost soul without family, unless you count the evil step-father.  The step-father sends the daughter away and plans to have her silenced so she can never speak of his unspeakable crimes.  This is the slow part.

At the asylum, because there is always an asylum, things take a turn for over the top and we watch our heroine blossom into a kick ass take no names kind of girl.  This is also were things get a little crazy.  The heroine imagines herself in this sort of 1950's, speak-easy, bordello, strip club.  It is a really busy place.  Basically the girls dance, the man likes, the bordello happens.  You never see the dancing or the bordello part of the club however.

You see every time our girl dances she is taken away to another mystical place, where she and her friends are totally bad-ass, in mini skirts of course.  So, I am guessing that the writers and directors realized just how many men like to see a beautiful young lady in a mini-skirt, thigh-high stockings, toting machine guns and wielding swords and knives.  In fact the only thing missing from the, steam punk driven Nazi zombie, goblin infested dragon lair, cracked earth high speed bullet train, alternate universe: chain mail bikinis.  I really wanted chain mail bikinis.  I mean, I completely love chain mail bikinis, what guy doesn't?

It is during these alternate world dance numbers that the captured girls bond, and learn the true meaning of friendship, while completing a series of quests to escape from the all girl asylum they are trapped in.  I think this may however just be a ploy to have hot, young, scantily clad girls in a movie; but I could be wrong.

So that about wraps it up, to learn how it all ends, go see the movie.

Hint: It is about girl power.

Pros:  Good looking dames with great legs.  When Sucker Punch goes over the top it stays there.  Amazing cinematography and flawless CGI.  Fights are outstanding and very well choreographed.  Great soundtrack. Basically a drool fest for guys.

Cons:  A little slow to start.  No chain mail bikinis.

Grab your girlfriend and go have fun, just remember to tell her it is a movie all about girl power.


  1. I love you, but you are a pig! LOL!!! It really was a great movie and yes, the girls were very pretty, but I liked the movie for the action and the story. I am glad there were no chain mail bikinis!!!!!

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